Google Maps in Returns

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You may have recently received an error message when trying to access Google Maps while logged into your Augsburg account. It appears that while it may have been previously available, Augsburg did not have Google Maps turned “On” as a non-core app available for accounts. A likely change by Google seems to have corrected what they would see as unintentional access. During our investigation, we have kept the service “Off.”

Now we’ve turned it “On.” This is a good time to remind you that Google Maps does not fall under our Education terms of service so the privacy protections are the same as the commercial Google tools. Our Core Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive) fall under an education terms of service that includes FERPA protections. We have a web page that explains all of this.

In other words, non-core apps like Google Maps will collect data like the commercial Google products so be aware of that. And we recommend not requiring students to use any non-core apps for coursework since there aren’t FERPA protections.

Google Maps returns