60 Seconds of Your Time Could Help the MN Urban Debate League Get $175K

submitted by froehlic@augsburg.edu

LAST DAY: Please email/call/tweet Rep. Omar to help fund the MNUDL with $175K in Community Program Funding. https://omar.house.gov/contact

The Minnesota Urban Debate League is a program of Augsburg University. We provide academic competitive debate programming to Twin Cities middle and high school students. We have an incredible opportunity ahead of us:

The MN 5th Congressional District Office can advance a limited number of projects for the Community Project Funding appropriations bill. We’ve submitted a proposal for $175,000 to bring even more debate programming to Twin Cities students! This could be a game changer- but we can’t do it alone.

How Can You Help?

TODAY: please contact U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s office via phone and/or email and share why YOU want to support the MNUDL. The messages can be very short, but each message is like your “vote” of support. Phone calls typically count much more (like 5-7x more) so if you have the time to call- that’s even better!

Two steps:
1 ) Make sure you include “MNUDL” and support for funding our “Community Program Funding Proposal” in any message, so they know what you’re supporting.
2 ) State that you are affiliated with Augsburg University and what connection you have to Urban Debate.

Decisions are happening soon- PLEASE make time to call! Your time and your advocacy could land us our largest single source of funding!

– Call Representative Omar in DC: (202) 225-4755
– Call the Minneapolis Office: (612) 333-1272
– Email Rep. Omar: https://omar.house.gov/contact/
– Tweet/Reply/DM Rep. Omar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ilhan

We truly appreciate you taking the time to advocate for our organization!

Contact Rep. Omar