Back in the Classroom: the Impact of COVID on Faculty

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Please join Ellie Olson, Director of Augsburg’s Center for Wellness and Counseling, on Tuesday, October 5, from 3:45-4:45 pm for her Zoom session “Back in the Classroom: the Impact of COVID on Faculty”. Despite our desire to return to campus with a sense of comfort and predictability, this semester seems likely to be one of continuing challenge and transition. But we HAVE learned some things from the past eighteen months that we can use to our advantage. This session will create space for faculty to name and reflect on the emotional and cognitive impact COVID has had on them, with guidance on how to manage and respond to that impact as you enter the classroom again. The target audience for this session is teaching faculty and staff, but the session is open to all. This event will be hosted by Matthew Maruggi and Katie Clark, members of the Faculty Development Committee.

This session is part of the Faculty Development Committee’s “Promoting Faculty Balance” Series

Impact of COVID on Faculty Zoom link