Welcome to Katie Boyle

submitted by greenj@augsburg.edu

We are delighted to welcome Katie Boyle, Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Sciences! Katie brings over 14 years of experience in higher education to her new role at Augsburg. As College Coordinator at Walden University, Katie was a member of the Doctor of Business Administration program leadership team that served over 2,000 students. Her experience working directly with a wide variety of students, faculty and administration in multiple settings creates a strong foundation for her work at Augsburg.

In this position, Katie’s main responsibilities will include supporting the work of the Dean of Arts & Sciences, Ryan Haaland; assisting and partnering with directors of faculty groups such as Gen. Ed., Assessment, and First Year Experience, and she will supervise two administrative assistant positions in Academic Affairs.

Katie received the bachelor of arts degree (French) from the University of Minnesota, and the master of arts in elementary education from St. Catherine University.

Please join us in welcoming Katie to her new position in the office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences!