EVERFI Training Invitations

submitted by vachta@augsburg.edu

Beginning January 17, Human Resources is launching online training for faculty, staff and student employees on three university workplace topics: information security, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and discrimination & sexual harassment prevention. Training in all three areas helps strengthen Augsburg as a workplace, helps protect the rights of students, faculty and staff, and responds to requirements from the Department of Education (under Title IV) and our insurance providers.

On January 17, employees will receive an email invitation from EVERFI, our online training provider, with links to the three topic modules. The training can also be accessed by logging into Inside Augsburg and clicking on Administrative Tasks > Training. Employees will have until March 18 (60 days) to complete the three required training topics.

Note: student employees are only being assigned the FERPA training at this time.

Inside Augsburg > Administrative Tasks > Training