CGEE’s Soto and Lutterman-Aguilar Present at AAC&U

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Dr. Fernanda Soto (CGEE Nicaragua) and Dr. Ann Lutterman-Aguilar (CGEE Mexico) are presenting a session with Dr. Michele Belliveau (West Chester U) on Fri., January 21 at American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting on “Educating for Democracy.” The session’s title is “Democracy as Transgressive Practices: Community-Based Global Learning.” Through the engagement with four educational experiences, the presenters contend that programs that address democratic practices, at home and abroad, grapple with questions of social justice that ought to “gesture” toward decolonial educational practices (Stein et al). They say “gesture” because, while still grounded in Western educational paradigms, they engage with other epistemological and ontological forms of learning and embodying politics that can help participants to rethink their own political practices at an individual and collective level.

AAC&U Annual Meeting: “Educating for Democracy.”