CTL Back to School Days are Here

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To kick off the new academic year IN PERSON, CTL is hosting several Back-to-School Days for Wednesday, August 24th and Thursday, August 25th (see “live” program below). The goal of the Back-to-School Days sessions is to primarily focus on “just-in-time” topics that can be immediately put to use in your upcoming Fall courses. All sessions are held in Hagfors (HC250 and HC263) and coffee and snacks will be provided!. Unless otherwise indicated, all sessions and workshops are open to and welcome all Augsburg faculty, staff, and administration.

If you have any questions or need accommodations for this event, please contact Events (events@augsburg.edu) or CTL (ctl@augsburg.edu). .

Please Note: Adjunct instructors who are covered by the CBA between Augsburg and SEIU, Local 284 are eligible to receive a stipend for attending Back-to-School Days sessions! Please go to the CTL website under “Grants and Travel Funds” for more information.

CTL Back-to-School Days Program (continuously updated)