Today, 1 pm: The Value of Mission-Driven Teaching Excellence Webinar

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Belong Webinar: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 at 1-2pm CT.

Title: Independent Colleges and Universities: The Value of Mission-Driven Teaching Excellence

Description: Independent Colleges and Universities that focus on the liberal arts often have a mission and an academic infrastructure that supports teaching improvement, and it should be celebrated! Yet, more can be done. This session draws from a multi-institutional observational study covering more than 700 higher education courses in a range of contexts, from regional public universities to highly ranked private universities, from small liberal arts colleges to large flagship universities. Connected to her 2023 book, published by Harvard Education Press, Great College Teaching: Where It Happens and How to Foster It Everywhere, Corbin Campbell will map the terrain, discussing teaching improvement within a spectrum of academic contexts, across multiple disciplines, and for various course settings. Dr. Campbell will describe the best practices of exemplary teaching institutions, in which evidence-based practices such as equity-based and culturally relevant teaching support student learning. She will also describe policies and cultures necessary to prioritize teaching and promote faculty development.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Explore the diverse terrain of teaching across various academic contexts, disciplines, and course settings to improve instruction.

Discover best practices from exemplary institutions, including equity-based and culturally relevant evidence-based teaching practices, you can use to support student learning.

Identify policies and cultures that are essential to prioritize teaching and encourage faculty development.

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