Theater Workshops Informational Meeting

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Two theater/puppetry workshops led by guest artists are being offered at Augsburg in the fall! There will be a general informational meeting for all students interested in learning more about these projects happening today, Wednesday, September 13th, at 3:40pm in the Foss Studio. Again, students with any amount of interest in collaborating on these projects are encouraged to attend! Any questions about the meeting should be directed to the theater department’s Administrative Assistant, Del Logeais, at

Additional information about the workshops:

Led by Janaki Ranpura

Showing September 27
Foss Studio Theater

See something. Say something. Are these phrases an encouragement to mistrust? Perhaps we could take them as instructions for play. A group of students will create care packages to leave in public. The results of what happens will be transformed into performance for the showing of “Take Care.”

Led by Masanari Kawahara

Showings October 17
Foss Studio Theater

Giving life to inanimate objects made from cardboard, masking tape, newspapers and papier-mâché, we will create small and intimately-scaled puppet theater. Different forms introduced may include object theater, hand puppets, figure puppets, and doll/bunraku puppets and masks. We will explore creating an intimate theater from scratch inspired by poems, obituaries, or a love letter.

2017-2018 Production Season