Interfaith @ Cedar Commons: Lost In Translation

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Next Thursday, Sept 28th 6:30-8:30pm

Religious language can carry heavy meaning. Some words hold sweet memories or deep significance for us, while other words might be associated with painful experiences, exclusion or just feel flat and dead.

Sometimes the language of our own cultural context does not translate clearly to people outside of our tradition. Even those within a religious tradition often don’t have access to the languages in which sacred texts were originally written. How much meaning is lost in translation?

Join us for a meal and an evening of discussion around the language of faith and all the complexity of communicating about deeply held values and beliefs.

Do you need to be a “person of faith” to come? Absolutely not. We welcome anyone with interest in conversation about how faith/spirituality shape our lives and intersect with the issues we care about.

Hosted by: Interfaith @ Cedar Commons organizer team and the Augsburg Interfaith Scholars.

(Cedar Commons, part of Augsburg, is at 2001 Riverside Ave. S – below Trinity’s offices)

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