Free Pacifica Premium app — mindfulness and mental health

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Augsburg students, staff and faculty are now eligible to download a free premium version of the Pacifica app (a $34 value). Pacifica is a mindfulness and mental health app (for your smartphone or computer) that provides a set of tools for daily use based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and wellness, designed to be done at your own pace. Using Pacifica’s tools, you can do things like check in with your mood, examine your thoughts, track your health habits, or complete a relaxation activity. Simply download Pacifica from the App Store or Google Play Store. Use your Augsburg email address to sign up and click the link in the confirmation email, and you’ll get access to Pacifica Premium for free. Pacifica is teaming up with the Center for Wellness & Counseling to make this app available free to the Augsburg community this year (free subscription will expire August 2018; you do not need to enter any credit card information to sign up as there will be no financial cost involved and no automatic renewal). Questions? Contact Beth Carlson at

Pacifica App