Gen. Ed. Survey — Please Participate

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The General Education Design Team invites your participation in this survey about the core curriculum. We have been working for more than a year to evaluate the current program, understand the needs of our students, and imagine more effective pathways for their academic and vocational success. Before we finalize our proposals, we need your input. Curriculum design is one of the main responsibilities of the faculty, and the Design Team is eager to hear your perspectives. We are also interested in the perspectives our staff colleagues bring to these questions, and are thus inviting staff responses as well.

The questions on this survey are carefully designed to glean reliable data – that is, if enough people choose to fill it out. While many of the questions ask for a specific response (“yes” or “no”), you will find opportunities to provide qualitative feedback, which we encourage. It will be open until 5 pm on Wednesday, October 4.

As you fill it out, keep in mind that the core curriculum is a primary means through which we express the institutional mission and our highest academic values. It’s where we equip students in the basic skills, perspectives, and sensibilities to navigate their majors and the complex world beyond. Clarity about what we deliver, why and how, is imperative in today’s competitive landscape of higher education. But the core curriculum cannot do everything – there are choices to be made – so what will receive priority?

Your responses to this survey will inform the proposal the Design Team will share later this semester. At that time, you will have additional opportunities to engage in the design process.

Undergrad Curriculum Redesign Survey Fall 17