Library Promotes Auggie Scholarship to Global Audience

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Last fall the Library implemented a new service known as an institutional repository, designed to publicize and disseminate faculty and student scholarship to a global audience. Augsburg’s repository, known as Idun, went live in August 2017 with three initial collections: 1) faculty-authored articles, 2) faculty-authored books, and 3) theses and dissertations.

Idun includes a readership map which displays a real-time view of which publications are being downloaded, how frequently, and the country or countries in which each publication is downloaded.

While we were all busy with fall classes or relaxing over the holidays, Idun was hard at work. In just a few short months, faculty and student publications have been downloaded well over 300 times by readers across the United States and in 27 foreign countries on 5 continents. These early results demonstrate the promise of Idun, but realizing its full potential depends on the broadest possible participation of Auggie scholars. To learn how you, too, can tap into Idun’s global audience, contact Mike Bloomberg,