The Misunderstanding

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Written by Albert Camus
Directed by Del Logeais

Thursday, January 25th – 6:00p
Thursday, January 25th – 7:30p
Friday, January 26th – 6:00p
Friday, January 26th – 7:30p
Saturday, January 27th – 6:00p
Saturday, January 27th – 7:30p
Sunday, January 28th – 3:00p

Tjornhom-Nelson Theater
Foss Center

A prodigal son returns home unrecognized, having been abroad for twenty years, to an inn run by his mother and sister—who have been killing lodgers in order to make a living for themselves. In an immersive reimagining of this rarely performed play, described by Camus as the theatrical piece that “resembles him the most,” The Misunderstanding explores concepts of grief, guilt, and the absurdity of existence in a world that is equally cruel to the innocent and the criminal.

2017-2018 Production Season