Paperless Accounts Payable Invoice Approval

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Starting in January 2018 the Business Office will begin rolling out an electronic invoice approval process for all departments. The goals of this process are to decrease the time needed to process vendor payments, decrease paper and storage costs, and improve controls.

Accounts Payable invoices that you receive should be scanned and emailed to: Please scan invoices individually.

Paper invoices can also be routed to Accounts Payable at Campus Box 308. You can also contact the vendor to have invoices directly emailed to

For individuals who were not able to attend the training sessions offered in December and January the approval instructions can be found in the “Administrative Accounting” folder on the “Orgs” drive. There are two sets of instructions – one for those who use Agresso Web and one for those who have the client version of Agresso installed on their computer.

If you have questions or would like to schedule individual training for your department please contact Kris Hogan at or at 612-330-1088.