Stottrup Sabbatical Lunch Moved to Hagfors 108 – A Few Spots Remain

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CTL is excited that the first Sabbatical Lunch of 2018 will held in Dr. Ben Stottrup’s food lab (HC 108). The RSVP list has been closed, but there may be room for a few more people. If interested, please contact

Speaking of Sabbaticals Lunch – 12:30 p.m. on January 17th, Hagfors 108.

For over a decade, work in the Augsburg Biophysics Lab has focused on the morphology and thermodynamics of thin soft matter films. Recently we added rheological techniques to investigate soft matter and fluid flow in Langmuir monolayers. A series of short vignettes will be presented to highlight several aspects of this scholarship – from student collaborators to the HCSBR.