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A production team on campus is making an impactful film about rural america and the people living in it. It is a story about a man living in rural America, who is trying to rise above a society and younger generation that is making him feel obsolete and without purpose. Tensions between rural and corporate america are explored, as well as inter-generational tensions.
Samson, a man in his 70’s, was recently let go from his coal mining job. He can no longer pay for his house and he doesn’t know where to go, He does not know how to continue on in a society that he feels no longer needs him.

The production needs YOUR help in order to reach the highest level of impact that they can. The team is made up of people who have won multiple awards in directing, cinematography, editing, and more. Please consider contributing to the film!

Check out our Indiegogo Campaign:–17/x/18009484#/

Thank you so much!