What are your ideas for Faculty and Staff Development in May?

submitted by pippert@augsburg.edu

Last year, Faculty Development Committee developed a new strategy for what had been known as “The May Calendar.” Our goal is to provide a predictable, accessible, convenient, useful, engaging, meaningful (shall I keep going?), etc. schedule for faculty and staff development opportunities in early May (after grading and before you take a well-deserved break).

This year, “4 Days in May” will be held May 8-11 and include the “Creating an Inclusive Campus” conference. Based on our goal to highlight faculty and staff development events over just a few days, we have three requests:

1) Mark your calendars and plan on attending.

2) Please refrain from scheduling departmental retreats, etc. during the mornings and early afternoons of May 8-11.

3) If you have any requests for workshops, discussions, or demonstrations, please contact Tim Pippert or any member of the Faculty Development Committee by February 1st.