2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum: Registration opens April 2

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Want to join us in celebrating Nobel Peace Prize laureates in September? If yes, reserve your tickets in the next few weeks!

We are aiming to repeat a successful event come September and hope you will join Augsburg University in honoring the work of President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia (2016 laureate) and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) (2017 laureate).

This year’s theme The Paradox of Peace will include plenaries, keynotes and breakout sessions related to tensions between conflict and reconciliation, between justice and forgiveness, between hope and fear, and will highlight the laureates’ successful accomplishments navigating these paradoxes.

The Nobel Peace Prize Forum will take place at Augsburg University on September 13-15, 2018 with the following schedule:
September 13: Community Action Workshops
September 14: Honoring the work of President Santos — all classes will take place at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum
September 15: Honoring the work of ICAN

Tickets are free for our Augsburg community including students, faculty and staff, and we encourage ticket reservations before the end of this spring semester.

In the coming weeks, our interns are scheduled to visit classrooms to share updates about the Forum and assist with any questions regarding the ticketing process. We invite faculty members who are interested in such a visit, to contact Camila Payan at payanrm@augsburg.edu, to reserve a time and date. In addition, Frankie Shackelford, Professor Emerita of Norwegian (shack@augsburg.edu), is available to assist with finding connections between the Forum content and courses scheduled for fall semester.

Please visit our website for more information regarding the upcoming event at peace.augsburg.edu. Registration can also be placed via tickets.augsburg.edu.

Questions regarding ticketing should be directed to Jami Kadolph at kadolph@augsburg.edu

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