Seeking Original Submissions Augsburg 2018 Interfaith Sending

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We are seeking submissions from eligible students to present at the Augsburg 2018 Interfaith Sending for graduating seniors. ALL current Augsburg students are encouraged to apply. Please submit original pieces you would be willing to present at the Augsburg 2018 Interfaith Sending that represent your religion or faith backgrounds core commitments. These pieces may contain quotes from religious or spiritual texts.

Possible submissions include but are not limited to Spoken Word, Poems, songs, stories, letters, and more. If you have any questions regarding whether or not the format of your submission is accepted, or any concerns at all, please email

The Augsburg 2018 Interfaith Sending is Thursday, April 26th 6:30 PM in Hoversten Chapel.

Each submission is limited to 2-3 minutes and should not extend past that allocated time.

The theme is “Venture in the Unknown”. Feel free to interpret that in whatever way you wish and incorporate that in your piece.

The deadline for submissions Monday April 16th. We will notify you of acceptance by April 20th.

Submission Form Augsburg 2018 Interfaith Sending