Celebrating Professors Swanson, Dalglish & Waterman

submitted by green@augsburg.edu

This afternoon we’re celebrating three phenomenal English colleagues who have retired or are retiring: Kathryn Swanson, Cass Dalglish, and Cary Waterman. (Fortunately, Cass and Cary continue as mentors in the MFA, and Kathy will co-head a workshop on teaching writing at the MFA summer residency.) Today we recognize their impressive contributions to our English programs and to Augsburg over many years.

If you are an Augsburg colleague, past or present, or a current or former student of any of these three great profs, please join us for our Retirement Celebration for Kathy, Cass, and Cary, 2-4 pm, TODAY, Tuesday, 24 April, in the Marshall Room of the Christensen Center at Augsburg.