International Education at Augsburg: Organizational Updates

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I am pleased to announce several changes designed to better align and integrate international education operations at Augsburg. All are effective immediately. The full announcement of these changes can be viewed by linking here:

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)
ISSS reporting lines will shift from Student Affairs to Academic Affairs, permitting closer collaboration in global exchange programs between ISSS and the Center for Global Education & Experience (CGEE). Jim Trelstad-Porter, the Director of ISSS, will report to the Assistant Provost of Global Education & Experience.

Angela Bonfiglio, the ISSS International Student Advisor, will move to a year-round position and go on reporting to the Director of ISSS. Her responsibilities will be split into two parts. She will continue overseeing international students’ campus orientation, providing academic advising and leading the International Student Organization (ISO). The other half of her job will be to recruit non-Augsburg students for CGEE’s semester programs.

Center for Global Education & Experience (CGEE)
In addition to existing responsibilities for advising Augsburg students who wish to study abroad, Maren Stoddard Mack will take over coordination of off-campus undergraduate programs led by Augsburg faculty (a.k.a. faculty-led programs). Peggy Johnson will continue to coordinate graduate and nursing faculty-led programs.

As mentioned above, Angela Bonfiglio will begin dedicating half her time to recruiting semester-long CGEE students from other colleges and universities. Non-Augsburg students bring additional diversity and dynamism to CGEE programs, and they produce additional revenue.

Norway Hub
The Norway Hub will now be more intentionally linked to Augsburg’s broader international education efforts, with the reporting line for Bettine Hermanson, the hub’s Managing Director, shifting to the Assistant Provost of Global Education & Experience.

-Pat Mulvihill

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