You are invited to the Leadership Summit June 13 featuring MayKao Hang of the Wilder Foundation

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The Midway Chamber of Commerce and the Augsburg Dept of Leadership Studies are again proud to host the Leadership Summit. Dr. MayKao Hang, President and CEO of the Wilder Foundation will be the noon keynote speaker. The morning will include your choice of Leadership Workshops led by Augsburg faculty and alumni.

Session 1: Explore how you process information
Learn about I Opt, an assessment tool that provides insights about work style & behavior by measuring your information processing preferences to help you understand how your preferences influence your interactions with others & help you navigate opportunities & obstacles.

Prior to the workshop, participants will complete a short online survey and the results will be used to generate a personalized report that each participant.

Led by:
Tom Morgan, Ph.D Professor of Leadership Studies, Augsburg University
Jolee Lilja, M.A. Program Coordinator, Augsburg Center for Leadership Studies

Session 2: Are you paying it forward to the next generation?
In “Mentoring Future Leaders in an Uncertain World”, former KARE-TV anchor & speaker Diana Pierce and Carole Burton, 2018 MAL Commencement speaker & future-forward innovator, will share stories from Twin Cities business leaders about why mentoring is so critical to keeping your brightest talent growing and staying with your company plus why mentoring helps your employees interpret their world.

They both bring stories of personal experience & expertise by including examples of what a mentor does and tools that can be used to create a personal mentoring plan. Learn how you can help one person feel like they truly matter.

Led by:
Diana Pierce, MA Leadership Studies from Augsburg University & former KARE-TV anchor.
Carole Burton, MA Leadership Studies from Augsburg University & innovative problem solver.

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