Final Group Session on Course Survey Forms

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Faculty and staff, and students, are invited to an information session in advance of the October 10th faculty meeting to vote on adopting a new end of term survey form for university wide feedback on courses. Based on over a year of analysis of research, pilot testing, and input from students and colleagues, this form is designed to measure student satisfaction with course experiences. It is not a form designed to measure teaching effectiveness or student learning; those purposes will be served through customized department and individual faculty data collection.
We are hoping to minimize any last minute changes from the floor to the form itself so please contact us with any questions or comments. We are happy to hear from you! There is one remaining group (of 3) listening sessions: October 4 from 10-11 in Cedar Room. We welcome questions and feedback prior to the faculty meeting. If you cannot attend any of these please contact a committee member directly. Send questions to The working group is: Scott Krajewski, Kelsey Richardson Blackwell, Terrance Kwame-Ross, Kristin Chamberlin, Ben Denkinger and Diane Pike.