Augsburg Alpine Club Meeting

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Hi Everyone,

We are coming up on the first outing for our club, I hope everyone is excited! Our first meeting will be held THIS Wednesday October 10th at 7:00pm. The room is at Anderson Music Hall 22.

You MUST attend this meeting in order for us to count you on our list of students that will be needing help with the expenses for the season passes and gear.

ALSO there will be a $30.00 deposit (Cash or check made to Augsburg) PLEASE bring for Wednesday’s meeting. Unfortunately this will NOT be refunded, but this money will be going towards gas for carpools as well as showing a commitment towards the club. That commitment fee will hopefully help us get all the grant money we need to make sure none of you have to pay the full cost of gear and season passes ($310).

If there are friends who want to join they are definitely welcome to come to the meeting. I hope to see everyone there. Have nice week of classes!

P.S. If you have a class/emergency during the meeting time, contact any of the officers ASAP we will talk.
Officers Info:

Truman Emming(me)

Christian Nelson

Elliott Bosak

Justin Ruff