Gamers United is looking for New Officers

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Gamers United is looking to expand the group’s variety of interests and activities to make it more inclusive to all students. Therefore, we are currently looking for new officers to fill or co-chair the following positions:

– e-Gaming Officer: Coordinates events for all types of PC and console games.
– League Officer: Coordinates events for League of Legends.
– Fortnite Officer: Coordinates events for Fortnite.
– Magic Coordinator: Coordinates events for Magic the Gathering.
– Pokémon Officer: Coordinates events for Pokémon.

– Publicity Officer: Aids in advertisement for all events.
– Events Assistant: Aids and assists in events (including preparation and clean up).

If you have interest or want to learn more about any of these positions, please contact us at, through Facebook Messenger, or any other convenient source for you. Also, if there is a game (PC/Console or Tabletop) that is not listed that you would like to specialize in for our group, please contact us and we may be able to extend the list.

Thank you,
Gamers United’s Executive Board

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