Student Discussion on Political Issues and Voting Tomorrow 10/18

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My name is Janet (pronounced Juh-Nette) and I’m the Campus Election Engagement Fellow at Augsburg this year. My primary duties are to help folks register to vote, inform folks on their voting options and why they should vote, and to get them to actually go vote! I’ve hosted a couple registration drives and participated in door-knocking on campus. Many students are aware of the importance of voting, especially in this midterm election, but there are also a good amount who don’t care to vote, don’t understand how to vote, or just haven’t had the opportunity to learn more about voting and its implications.

I am hosting a workshop called “Where Do You Stand? Why You Should Vote in the Midterm Election” tomorrow, Thursday October 18th from 6pm-7:30pm in the Marshall Room. The link to the Facebook event is down below. The floor is open for students to share what issues they feel strongly about and how that aligns with political platforms. For example, if students say that they don’t care about politics and don’t want to be involved, but they believe that folks have the right to do what they want with their bodies, their beliefs align with the political candidate who is pro-choice and is pushing for abortion to be legalized. I hope that with this workshop, students will recognize that politics will affect them regardless of their participation.

One final thing about the event- I am intending for this event to be just for students, no staff or faculty. I want this space to be open and intentionally for students, especially Students of Color. Students don’t have to have political experience. Also, for students who are not able to vote due to immigration status or other reasons, please feel free to come by! Your voice matters and we’d love to hear you. There are more ways to be politically and socially involved than through voting!

Where Do You Stand?