Lot Closures Thursday and Friday (October 18th and 19th)

submitted by westa@augsburg.edu

For the MEA event that Admissions is hosting on campus this week Thursday, and Friday, some of our lots will be closed and reserved for the guests. Beginning Thursday morning, at 6:00am, lots A and G will be barricaded and signed for the guests to use throughout their event time. Friday evening at 10:00pm, the barricades will be taken down and the lots will be available again to the authorized permit holders. If you typically park in those lots, the institution would like to encourage you to use lots D, L, M, or O. If you are able to use public transportation for your commute to work these days, that would also help reduce the volume of vehicles on campus as well. If you are a carpool permit holder at Augsburg, you will have received an email with additional parking options as well.

With large events such as this one, and the limited parking space we have, please anticipate challenges finding parking during these times.

Thank you!