Augsburg Public Notaries

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Do you need a document notarized? If so Augsburg can help. Following is a list of the current public notaries on the Augsburg Minneapolis campus.

Cheryl Sticha x1130 Sverdrup Hall 3 – Education
Liz Behnke x1171 Oren Gateway Center 300
Mike Suter x1054 Christiensen Center 6 – Copy Center
La-Tonya Pearson x1119 Christiensen Center 104 – Mail Room
Cyndi Berg x1212 Memorial Hall 130 – Office of President

If you need a document notarized, please call ahead or email and set an appointment (from off campus, the number is prefixed by 612-330-xxxx). Bring ID: Drivers License, Passport, or other government photo ID.

The notary must WATCH you sign the papers you are bringing, please do not sign ahead. If you need your SPOUSE or WITNESSES to also sign, please bring them with you.