One-to-One Relational Meetings Workshop

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Sponsored by the Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship, we welcome you to join us for one of two upcoming One-to-One Relational Meetings Workshops. One-to-one conversations are about creating a public relationship with someone so that participants can share interests and stories to help understand one another’s motivations and desire to make change. These conversations can lead to collaborative projects in relation to the change you’re attempting to make. One-to-one meetings are an essential skill in community organizing!

Join us to learn more about one-to-one relationship building for organizing and public work, and practice having a one-to-one conversations with other participants!

Date: Wednesday, October 24th AND Thursday, October 25th
Time: Wednesday- 3:10-5:10pm. Thursday- 3:40-5:40pm.
Location: Wednesday- OGC 100. Thursday- Marshall Room, Christensen Center

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