Elections TODAY – Tues., nov. 6

submitted by garvey@augsburg.edu

Civic engagement is its own reward – but sport your “I voted” sticker on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and enjoy a free small coffee at Nabo and Kafe Kafeega courtesy of A’viands.

Minnesota holds its midterm elections on Tues., Nov. 6. Information about how to register, where to vote, sample ballot – and more, is available from the Minnesota Secretary of State website, https://www.sos.state.mn.us/

Early voting ended Nov. 5.

Students living on campus can vote in the precinct for Augsburg and register online or on Election Day. Augsburg will provide the City of Minneapolis Board of Election with a list of resident students.

Augsburg will be the voting place for its local precinct – Marshall room, Christensen Center.