Public Safety and Facilities Announcements

Spring 2019 parking permit sale dates

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Upcoming parking permit sales will be as follows:

Parking Registration/Sale Dates for Spring 2019:

Faculty/Staff surface lot permits on sale December 17th at 9:00 AM
Part Time $126 per semester
Full Time $252 per semester

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate student parking permits on sale December 17th at 9:00 AM
$61 per semester

Senior Commuter & Resident permits on sale December 17th at 9:00 AM
Commuter: $179 per semester
Resident: $195 per semester

Junior Commuter & Resident permits on sale December 18th at 9:00 AM
Commuter: $179 per semester
Resident: $195 per semester

Sophomore Commuter & Resident permits on sale December 19th at 9:00 AM
Commuter: $179 per semester
Resident: $195 per semester

First Year Commuter permits on sale December 20th at 9:00 AM
Commuter: $179 per semester
***First year resident students are ineligible to have their vehicles on campus***

Luther Hall Underground lot permits:
$470 per semester
Oren Gateway Underground lot permits:
$505 per semester
Underground permit Sale Dates:
Senior students: December 17th at 9:00am
Adult undergraduate and graduate students: December 17th at 9:00am
Junior students: December 18th at 9:00am
Sophomore students: December 19th at 9:00am
Faculty and Staff: December 20th at 9:00am

Teaching and Learning

HWT Batalden Interfaith Fellow: Ger Vang

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Location: Marshall Room
Come the meet and greet Batalden Interfaith Fellow: Ger Vang:

Ger Vang is Hmong Shaman currently living in Saint Paul. He is from a family and culture with long history of shamanism and spiritual healers. His late father was a gifted healer; his grandfather was also a shaman. Ger began his own spiritual journey as a healer six years ago. The Power of Spiritual Healing chose him. The spiritual guides, the source of his healing gift, provide him with the necessary spiritual training in diagnosing illnesses and healing practices. Besides being a spiritual healer, he is a musician. He is also the Vice President of Training and Development for the Generational Financial Group, a local insurance firm. To learn more about Ger, please visit

Paid Summer Experience: URGO Summer Research Info Sessions TOMORROW & Dec. 4

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URGO Summer Research Info Sessions
November 28th (tomorrow!) @ 6pm in Hagfors 150A
December 4th @ 6pm in OGC 100

Hear from past researchers and get the scoop on writing a strong application!

The URGO Summer Research Program is an 11-week, on-campus program where undergraduate students are funded to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Student researchers gain important analytic, technical, and writing skills that are important for graduate school and careers. The URGO program is also includes a weekly Speaker Series focused on research skills and professional development, as well as weekly seminars with fellow researchers. Students from all disciplines are invited to participate, and past projects have ranged from biology lab work to theater performance.

URGO provides full-time summer researchers (400 hours) with a $4,000 stipend while half-time researchers (200 hours) receive a $2,000 stipend. Both receive a significant campus housing discount as well. The program runs from mid-May to the end of July and students must plan to be enrolled at Augsburg for Fall 2019 to be eligible.

In addition to the URGO Summer Research Program, URGO also funds 100-hour summer research assistantships where undergraduate students assist a faculty member with an ongoing research project. Research Assistants and mentors determine how to spread the 100 hours of work over the course of the summer and it is an excellent opportunity to try out research for the first time or focus on a specific aspect of a research project.

If you have any questions regarding the program or cannot make it to an info session and would like to learn more, please contact to set up an appointment.

Calling Sophmores and Juniors Interested in Global Issues

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Calling Sophomores and Juniors Interested in Global Issues

Have an interest in promoting global governance or United Nations? If yes, please consider applying for the Workable World Trust fellowship.
Augsburg University is pleased to announce an opportunity for you to share ideas on global governance and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A $400 scholarship will be offered to four Augsburg students who will form a cohort with the ACTC campuses to organize a series of on-campus events related to the subject of global governance.

The requirements for the scholarship follow:
· Must be a Sophomore or Junior interested in global affairs and world
· Attend and organize on-campus events promoting global governance and/or
United Nation reform.
· Attend a day-long retreat for students and faculty

To apply please submit the following:

500-word essay on why you should be selected to participate in the WWT and your interest in global governance, the United Nations, or the SDGs; what kind of project you might want to undertake as part of this to promote the work of the UN locally

Copy of your transcript

The deadline for the application is Jan 15th, 2019. Please submit questions, essay, and a copy of your transcripts to Sara Wendt at

Please feel free to e-mail any questions you may have. Thank you.

General Announcements

Congratulations to October’s Auggie Pride Recipients

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Congratulations to Katie Asfeld, Assistant Director of Admissions and Multicultural Student Services—Ruby Murillo, Jennifer Simon, and Hli Vang for receiving the October Auggie Pride Awards. Their support of Augsburg’s students is above and beyond their call of duty and their impact is felt across campus. Staff Senate admires their outstanding work and are honored to award them with this month’s Auggie Pride Award.

Learn more about October’s Auggie Pride Award Recipients

Sad news about Jeroy Carlson ’48

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We are deeply saddened to share the news that Jeroy Carlson ’48 passed away yesterday. Jeroy spent more than 60 years at Augsburg. He was a student, parent, grandparent, volunteer, alumni director, and a senior development officer for Augsburg. Known as “Mr. Augsburg,” he spent much of his life inspiring, connecting, and mentoring Auggies.

Read more about Jeroy here

Holiday Receiving & Packages

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We are now in the holiday season! This means that the Shipping & Receiving Department will be getting very busy until January.

If you order a package and have it sent to the University please observe the following guidelines as we have fairly limited storage space.

Faculty & Staff
-We will still try to deliver all staff packages the same day that they arrive although there may be some occurrences where we are unable to do this.
-You may have your personal package sent to the University if you would like but we would ask if you would attempt to pick up the packages as they arrive, we will still attempt to deliver all packages, as we don’t know what is personal or not, but picking up will ease our burden.

-Try to make sure you pick up any packages the same day that you receive the email.
-You can have someone else pick up your package, if you are unable to make it within the open hours of shipping/receiving, if you email with their name, they MUST bring their ID (one pick-up per email).

Thank you for being patient as our busy season sets in!

Event Announcements

DPS Staff Update Presentation & Trainings

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Wednesday, December 5 | 1–2 p.m.
Christensen Center, Marshall Room

Scott Brownell, director of public safety and risk management, will be leading a 45 minute presentation on the Department of Public Safety. He’ll be discussing:
• 2018 Annual Security Report
• Campus Trends
• Parking Updates
• CampusShield Safety App
• Q&A


DPS is also hosting two Discussion and Trainings on Active Threats for faculty and staff focusing on prevention, mitigation, and response preparedness for active threats.

Wednesday, November 28 | 8:30 to 10 a.m.
Christensen Center, Marshall Room

Thursday, November 29 | 2 to 3:30 p.m.
Oren Gateway Center, Room 100


Wait – Advent Vespers is This weekend

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There are still a few tickets available for Advent Vespers. This is one of the largest Advent & Christmas celebrations in the Twin Cities – Don’t miss out!

11/29, Thursday Dress Rehearsal – 8 p.m.
11/30, Friday Services – 5 & 8 p.m. (dwindling fast!)
12/1, Saturday Services – 2 & 5 p.m. (FULL)

– Stop by the Christensen Center Welcome Desk
– Stop by the Music Office
– Reserve online

Tickets are free (a goodwill donation will be taken at the door)
Free shuttles are available from Augsburg to Central Lutheran Church

Online Reservations

2 session this week – discussion and training on active threat

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For faculty and staff: Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Preparedness for active threats. Scott Brownell, Director, Public Safety. Includes presentation, video, and discussion.

Offered two times
Wed., Nov. 28, 8:30am to 10:00am, Christensen Center, Marshall Room
Thursday, Nov. 29, 2-3:30 pm, OGC 100

Meet and Greet with Ger Vang, Hmong Shaman

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Come to the Marshall Room on Tuesday, November 27th, from 1-2pm, to meet the first Batalden Interfaith Fellow, Ger Vang. Ger is Hmong Shaman currently living in Saint Paul. He is from a family and culture with a long history of shamanism and spiritual healers. Ger began his own spiritual journey as a healer six years ago. This event is sponsored by the Augsburg Asian Student Association, the Batalden Program in Applied Ethics, Hmong Women Together, and Pan-Asian Student Services.

Keeping Track of Auggies

Congrats to the Emerging Leaders Program Graduates

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Campus Activities and Orientation would like to congratulate the 75 graduates of the Fall 2018 Emerging Leaders Program. Those in ELP participated in a 10-week intensive leadership course that focused on issues such as strengths, intercultural communication, power and privilege, public achievement, nonviolent organizing, intercultural conflict management, and much more.

Please congratulate the following students if you see them. They include:
* Lydia Anderson
* Maxwell Bannister
* Loise Barhayiga
* Julia Bishop
* Parker Blake
* Olivia Brammer
* Rachel Brezinka
* Olivia Brich
* Ani Cassellius
* Bryam Castillo
* Mindy Chang
* Nou-Chee Chang
* Javeriah Chughtai
* Alli Coleman
* Anna Cox
* Ayan Daud
* Agatha Dennis
* Kai Ealy
* Yomiyu Gafesu
* Willington Gahona
* Estefani Guiracocha
* Katia Gutierrez-Peralta
* Hunter Hansen
* Will Harvieux
* Ong Her
* Riviera Him
* Josh Holtz
* Siham Isse
* James Jensen
* Rob Jewell
* Saw Johny
* Jasmyn Kendall
* Zoua Khang
* Savannah Klinepier
* Ashley Kronebusch
* Bolu Kuku
* Sam Lopez
* Kelly Lu
* Mario Marin Luna
* Ruti Mejia
* Imran Merchant
* Jacey Mismash
* Jacynthe Moua
* Kristy Moua
* Antonio Olivos-Reyes
* Sucaado Omar
* Chyanne Phravoraxay
* Ethan Quezada
* Maty Rasche
* Danny Reinan
* Adriana Robinson
* Rachel Rose
* Marcia Rowe
* Kye Saunders
* Weston Schug
* RJ Schultz
* Taiwana Shambley
* Adam Sharpless
* Jessika Starry
* Erin Stene
* Falak Tawakalna
* Kyle Thompson
* Sahra Tobe
* Gaolee Vang
* Chenyeng Vang
* Angel Velazquez
* Wyatt Vessey
* Joey Walker
* Abby Wamstad
* Amber Wiebe
* Lillie Williamson
* Gloria Yang
* Asheema Yang
* Muaj Yang

Effective Writing in The Star Tribune

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First-year student Randi Lawson shared her ENL 111 assignment with a larger audience this week when her letter to the editor was published by the Star Tribune!