HWT Batalden Interfaith Fellow: Ger Vang

submitted by vangcc2@augsburg.edu

Location: Marshall Room
Come the meet and greet Batalden Interfaith Fellow: Ger Vang:

Ger Vang is Hmong Shaman currently living in Saint Paul. He is from a family and culture with long history of shamanism and spiritual healers. His late father was a gifted healer; his grandfather was also a shaman. Ger began his own spiritual journey as a healer six years ago. The Power of Spiritual Healing chose him. The spiritual guides, the source of his healing gift, provide him with the necessary spiritual training in diagnosing illnesses and healing practices. Besides being a spiritual healer, he is a musician. He is also the Vice President of Training and Development for the Generational Financial Group, a local insurance firm. To learn more about Ger, please visit http://www.Hmonghealer.com.