Calling Sophmores and Juniors Interested in Global Issues

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Calling Sophomores and Juniors Interested in Global Issues

Have an interest in promoting global governance or United Nations? If yes, please consider applying for the Workable World Trust fellowship.
Augsburg University is pleased to announce an opportunity for you to share ideas on global governance and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A $400 scholarship will be offered to four Augsburg students who will form a cohort with the ACTC campuses to organize a series of on-campus events related to the subject of global governance.

The requirements for the scholarship follow:
· Must be a Sophomore or Junior interested in global affairs and world
· Attend and organize on-campus events promoting global governance and/or
United Nation reform.
· Attend a day-long retreat for students and faculty

To apply please submit the following:

500-word essay on why you should be selected to participate in the WWT and your interest in global governance, the United Nations, or the SDGs; what kind of project you might want to undertake as part of this to promote the work of the UN locally

Copy of your transcript

The deadline for the application is Jan 15th, 2019. Please submit questions, essay, and a copy of your transcripts to Sara Wendt at

Please feel free to e-mail any questions you may have. Thank you.