Holiday Receiving & Packages

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We are now in the holiday season! This means that the Shipping & Receiving Department will be getting very busy until January.

If you order a package and have it sent to the University please observe the following guidelines as we have fairly limited storage space.

Faculty & Staff
-We will still try to deliver all staff packages the same day that they arrive although there may be some occurrences where we are unable to do this.
-You may have your personal package sent to the University if you would like but we would ask if you would attempt to pick up the packages as they arrive, we will still attempt to deliver all packages, as we don’t know what is personal or not, but picking up will ease our burden.

-Try to make sure you pick up any packages the same day that you receive the email.
-You can have someone else pick up your package, if you are unable to make it within the open hours of shipping/receiving, if you email with their name, they MUST bring their ID (one pick-up per email).

Thank you for being patient as our busy season sets in!