Outgoing Departmental USPS Mail

submitted by suter@augsburg.edu

This memo concerns only mail that is being charged to departments and not stamped or pre-paid mail or any mail/packages from other carriers.

Augsburg Central Services is switching the way that outgoing mail is handled. We are retiring the mail meter machine and starting to use a presort mail service. This brings with it some small changes that we would ask you to observe if you are sending out mail.

– If your mail is not sealed please bring it to shipping/receiving or have it ready for pickup with the flaps down and not nested.
– All mail has to have a complete “To Address” in the center of the envelope and a complete “Return Address” in the upper left of the envelope. If it does not have both of these it may be returned to you to complete.
– Please include the cost center either on a post-it note attached to your mail or somewhere on the piece (top piece if multiple) that will not interfere with postage (upper right) or addresses.
– All mail must be in shipping/receiving before 3:30 to be processed the same day. This is a little later than it used to be.

We will still have our regular USPS pickup at 3pm for any stamped or pre-paid mail or packages. If you have any additional questions about this transition please contact us at either 612-330-1054 or mailship@augsburg.edu