Campus Cupboard Looking for Donations

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Hey all,
Campus cupboard is reaching out to its students, staff, and faculty for donations for the campus cupboard. We are currently looking for unopened jellies, extra mac and cheese boxes, rice or soup mixes, and cans of tuna. However any donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. We do ask that the expiration date on these items are with in the last three years to insure safety and quality. If you hav eany donations please feel free to stop by the cupboard located in Foss by the chapel during open hours:
-Tuesday 11-3
-Wednesday 11-3
-Friday 2-4
There is also a donation drop off location next to Einstein’s cafe (Christensen lobby) if these times do not work for you. Thank you all for taking the time to read this message and any donations you might have. Campus kitchen appreciates your thoughts and time.

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