URGO Summer Research Presentations – Tues. July 30th Afternoon Session

submitted by cosimini@augsburg.edu

Come hear STEM summer researchers present their final projects! Free and open to the public

1:00 pm – Kennedy 303A
Ciashia Shiongyaj: Functioning Structure and Model of Daphnia Magna’s First Antennae Basal Bead
Abigail Garofalo: Visualizing hedgehog gene expression in Daphnia magna using in situ hybridization
May Kamsheh: Manganese Toxicity on Cultured SH-SY5Y Cells

1:00 pm – Kennedy 303B
Xueqing Su: A Numerical Power-Series Approach to Boundary-Value Eigenvalue Problems in the Context of Fluid Flows
Annabelle Arns: Real Life CSI: The Searle Pedestrian Throw Formula
Eric Bibelnieks: Energy Computation and its Minimization for Suction Vortices Modeled on a Cubic Lattice

2:15 pm – Kennedy 303A
Samantha Marholtz: qPCR studies of hedgehog gene expression during Daphnia magna development with SYBR green
Yusra Darkazanli: Real-time PCR analysis of a Mn transporter gene in Human Neuroblastoma Cells
Bridget Wagner: Analyzing the structure and function of a Myth4/FERM Myosin in Tetrahymena thermophile
Jaweriyo Farah: Identifying the Localization and Function of Myosin 13 in Tetrahymena thermophila

2:15 pm – Kennedy 303B
Jose Raul Marcos-Cruz: Local field potential carry task-related information in a cognitive control task
Lorenzo Hernandez: Predicting Maximal Oxygen Consumption with a Single Stage Skate Test
Daniela Fragale: What’s the Fuss about Fuzz? Characterizing Trichome Density in MN-Native Strawberry Populations
Maxwell Banister: Putting sap suckers to the test: Identifying sustainable aphid resistance in the wild relatives of barley