URGO Summer Research Presentations – Tues. July 30th Morning Session

submitted by cosimini@augsburg.edu

Come hear STEM summer researchers present their final projects!

10:30 am – Kennedy 303A
Morgan Lange: Correlation between Chronic Lower Back Pain and Hamstring flexibility in faculty, staff, and students in an Urban Midwestern University
Katherine Dockter: Physical Education and Adulthood Levels of Physical Activity
Christopher Calland: Relationship Between Knee Biomechanics and Knee Injuries in D3 Football Players

10:30 am – Kennedy 303B
Ben Darwitz: Clearing the Air: How the Innate Immune System may be Able to Treat Staphylococcus qureus Lung Infections in Cystic Fibrosis Patients
Brent Chambers: Analysis of alcohol content and hops in beer
Isaac Tadé: Let your light shine: Radical polymerizations of dental polymers