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Permit Sales FAQs

– Are permits available by the semester?

Yes, permits can be purchased by the semester. Surface lots are split between Fall and Spring; each semester will be half the cost of a year permit. Underground lots are split between Fall, Spring and Summer and each semester costs one third of the year permit

– When can I buy Underground permits?
If you’re a student, underground permits are available on the day you are eligible to purchase surface lot permits. If you’re Staff/Faculty, underground permits are available on Friday, August 16th.

– What is a commuter permit? Is it available for Staff/Faculty?

A commuter permit is in reference to a day student who commutes to campus and does not have on campus housing. These permits are not available for Staff/Faculty

– Are carpool permits available this year?

Yes, a limited number of carpool permits are available this year to Students, Staff and Faculty. They will be available to purchase on the same day as you’re eligible to purchase other permits. Carpool permits cost the same as regular permits (Commuter Student or Staff/Faculty), but the cost is split between those participating. Only one permit is provided for a group of carpool participants.

– I’m a 4th year student and I’m a couple credits short of being listed as a senior, will I be able to buy a permit on the Senior sales date?

No. A student’s class determination (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) is set by the Registrar depending on the amount of credits you have completed, and that information determines what date you are eligible to purchase a permit. If you believe you have been designated as the wrong class, please contact the Registrar.