Permit Sales FAQs 2 of 2

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Permit Sales FAQs

– Am I able to get a discounted permit due to a special circumstance?

No, we do not discount permits.

– Can I get a prorated permit for Underground if I decide to purchase one later in the year?

No, we do not prorate underground permits. The reason for this is because when you purchase an underground permit you are paying for the value of the parking space, not the amount of time spent using the space. As stated in the FAQ post 1 of 2, if you decide to buy one halfway through the year, a limited number of Spring and Summer permits for Luther and Oren underground garages may be available.

– Are there City of Minneapolis permits available for purchase?

Yes. Augsburg is allotted a limited number of city permits for residential students, however, these are not purchased through Augsburg. If a residential student would like to apply for a City permit, they must get a letter verifying on campus residency from Public Safety, then fill out and submit an application to the City of Minneapolis. If you are interested in pursuing a City street permit, please email; residency letters are issued on a first come, first serve basis.