URGO Summer Research Program

submitted by kipperj@augsburg.edu

The URGO Summer Research Program is an 11-week, on-campus program where undergraduate students are funded to conduct research or creative activities under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Student researchers gain important analytic, technical, and writing skills that are important for graduate school and professional careers. URGO Summer Research also includes a weekly speaker series and seminars focused on research skills and professional development. Students from all disciplines are invited to participate. Students are encouraged to contact members of the faculty to discuss research ideas.
URGO provides full-time summer researchers (400 hours) with a $4,400 stipend while half-time researchers (200 hours) receive a $2,200 stipend. Both receive a significant campus housing discount as well. The program runs from mid-May to the end of July and students must plan to be enrolled at Augsburg for Fall 2020 to be eligible.