Public Safety and Facilities Announcements

Parking Lot Enforcement Changes Planned

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In an effort to gain compliance with our surface lot parking spaces, DPS will begin to “ticket and tow” all vehicles that are not displaying proper permits for the specific, designated lots. Primary hours of enforcement will be 8:00am – 4:00pm during the academic year. These increased enforcement actions will begin on Monday, December 2, 2019.
As a reminder, the Augsburg community has a number of parking permits that are valid for use in specific lots only. Drivers are permitted to park as follows:
Residential Students: Lots B and L
Commuter Students: Lots B,C, K and L
Faculty Staff: D, L and G
Carpool Permit holders: Designated spaces in Lot D

Other designated lots are for the following users and permits ONLY:
Lot A: Visitor permits
Lot E: Permitted short term-visitors (3 hour or less)
Lot H: Reserved/Designated
Lot J: Reserved/Designated

Teaching and Learning

Kwame Anthony Appiah — March 5, 2020

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Kwame Anthony Appiah — March 5, 2020!

Kwame Anthony Appiah is coming to Augsburg on Thursday, March 5, 2020, as the Batalden convocation speaker.

In preparation for his visit, please consider integrating one of his books (Dr. Appiah will have a book signing following the 3/5/20 convocation) into your Spring 2020 course to help prepare your students. (Note: Batalden funds are available to help students purchase books.)

Dr. Appiah will also be available for one class visit during the 2nd period [9:25-10:50am (instead of 9:40-11:20)] prior to the 11am convocation. If you are interested in having him visit your class (and/or bring more than one class/section together), please email Bibiana Koh at to further discuss.

Few Spots Remain for Speaking of Sabbatical with Nancy Fischer

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Register now if you would like to hear Nancy Fischer’s talk
“Dire Straights? Critical Heterosexuality Studies”. Lunch is provided and we can only take a few more registrations.

This event is co-sponsored by CTL and the Christensen Center for Vocation.

Wednesday, December 4 | Speaking of Sabbatical with Nancy Fischer | 12:30 pm- 1:40 pm, Marshall Room

RSVP for “Speaking of Sabbatical with Nancy Fischer”

December EDTalk with Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright

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From “E” to “F”: Enhancing Student Thinking and Learning During Lectures. Many instructors use the authoritative/interactive model of class instruction. A simple way for instructors to move toward a dialogic/interactive model is to move from using the IRE (inquiry-response-evaluation) pattern when asking students questions to the IRF (inquiry-response-feedback) pattern. An overview of the three main models of class instruction as well as examples of IRE and IRF will be presented.

This event is a part of our 2019-2020 CTL Inclusion series focused on creating, maintaining, and/or growing environments that allow students to feel more connected to and supported by Augsburg.

Wednesday, December 11 | EDTalk with Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright | 3:20 pm – 3:35 pm, HC 151

Center for Teaching and Learning

CKAU Butter and Buttermilk Biscuits Workshop Monday, December 2

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Join us on December 2nd from 5pm-7pm at Hagfors 108 as a current Augsburg Staff, Tessa Wegenke teaches us how to make Butter & Buttermilk Biscuits from scratch!
Limited spots open, act fast to RSVP! Please share with your community and family members as well!

Copy & Paste this link to RSVP ( )
Contact if you have questions/inquiry about this workshop.

Butter & Buttermilk Biscuits facebook event page

URGO Academic-Year Research Application Available

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Each year URGO offers $1,000 research grants for undergraduates who wish to gain research experience with an Augsburg faculty member. These grants require 100 hours of research over the course of the academic year and are a great way to ease into research or to continue work on an existing project.

The application is available at the URGO website ( at the “on-campus research” page. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, so student-faculty research teams are encouraged to submit proposals in the fall. The URGO Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly and will begin reviewing proposals September 23rd.

If you have any questions about undergraduate research opportunities, please contact Dixie Shafer at or x1447.

URGO Conference Travel Grants Available for Student Researchers

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URGO offers up to $850 in travel funding for Augsburg undergraduates who have been accepted to present research at a professional conference. These funds can mitigate the high costs of travel such as airfare and lodging, and can contribute to students’ professionalization.

The application is available at the URGO website ( at the “conference travel” page. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, so students are encouraged to work with their research mentor to submit a travel application as soon as possible after receiving acceptance to a conference. The URGO Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly throughout the school year and will begin reviewing applications September 23rd.

If you have any questions about undergraduate conference travel opportunities, please contact Dixie Shafer at or x1447.

URGO Summer Research Info Session (December 5)

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December 5, 5pm in Oren Gateway 100

Hear from past researchers and get the scoop on writing a strong application!
The URGO Summer Research Program is an 11-week, on-campus program where undergraduate students are funded to conduct research or creative activities under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
Applications for URGO Summer Research will be available on the URGO website ( by November 19.
If you have any questions regarding the program or cannot make it to an info session and would like to learn more, please contact to set up an appointment.

Research support for faculty through the URGO Summer Research Program

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The URGO Summer Research Program is designed to enhance undergraduate student learning and support faculty research and creative activity here on campus. Faculty are the driving force behind the research program, and we want it to be as beneficial to you as possible.
While summer is the perfect time to push research projects ahead, we know all too well how quickly the time goes. We have research grants for 400, 200, and 100 student research hours that are designed to provide you with the optimal amount of student research support needed for your project. The 100-hour research assistantship is a particularly good fit if you have needs for data entry, transcription, or literature review.
Some of you may have already been approached by students who would like to do summer research through URGO. We encourage you to think about how these students might support your own research agenda. While some advanced students might have a project in mind, we have found that students benefit the most from working within a faculty member’s area of expertise and current line of inquiry.
To learn more about URGO summer research and working with a student, visit the “on-campus research” page on the URGO website:
Please encourage interested students to attend our final Summer Research Information Session, where they will hear from students who have previously completed the experience and get guidance on completing the summer research application: December 5, 5pm in OGC 100.

General Announcements

Intercultural Comm and Conflict Styles Workshop

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Tuesday, November 26 3:40-6:40pm in Marshall Room, Christensen Center

This workshop makes use of the Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) Inventory, which describes an individual’s preferred approach or style for resolving conflict by reflecting the individual’s culturally learned patterns for dealing with disagreements and expressing emotions. Additionally, this workshop will not only teach individuals about their own preferred approach and style, but also about the preferred approaches and styles of others. Finally, this workshop will give participants tangible skills that can be used when navigating communication and conflict across cultural differences. The increased understanding of intercultural communication and conflict styles and tangible skills participants will receive from this workshop can both enhance their overall intercultural competence, increase their effectiveness when working to resolve disagreements across cultures, and help them to create more inclusive campus spaces at Augsburg.

Explore Amsterdam this summer and earn 6 credits

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Love to explore? Have a sense of adventure? Like to walk and take trains? Like to ride bike? See cities by boat? Enjoy gardens? Markets? Architecture? Parks? Ever been interested in how the people of the Netherlands live? Do you have the desire to learn about innovative and creative solutions to environmental challenges? Would you like to have new ideas and tools to make positive changes back here in the U.S.?

Join Allyson Green and Lars Christiansen on a two-week exploration of urban environmental sustainability in Amsterdam and Delft, Netherlands in May 2020! We begin with several course sessions in Minneapolis in early May, and then depart for the Netherlands on May 7. We return two weeks later. There is so much to see and discover! We hope you join us.


Program Leaders: Lars Christiansen and Allyson Green

This is a 6-credit program:

Students choose one SOC/URB course for 4 credits:
SOC/URB 111: City Life: Intro to Urban Sociology (fulfills Social Behavioral Sciences LAF), or
SOC/URB 295: Living Green in Amsterdam (elective)

All students also take INS 292 for 2 credits:
INS 292: Topics: Environmental Sustainability through an Intercultural Lens

This program also fulfills the Augsburg Experience requirement.

Program Leaders: Lars Christiansen and Allyson Green

Program Cost: $5,500
*This all-inclusive program fee covers: tuition for 6 credits, international round-trip airfare from Minneapolis, all lodging, all meals, all transportation during the program, and all program activities.

Financial Aid: Check with Student Financial Services in Sverdrup hall to learn about how your financial aid package might help cover the cost of this program.

Get more information and apply online

Spring break study abroad in Guatemala – Apply by TODAY

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Take a spring semester course that includes 10 days of travel to Guatemala on Spring break!

Human Rights Voices in post-conflict Guatemala, 4-credits

Course options: CCS/SPA 495, or POL 459

Faculty Leader: Professor Joseph Towle

Travel Dates: March 14-22, 2020 (spring break)

Course Description:
Many U.S. citizens know little of Guatemala and the struggles its people face although it is a nation that continuously finds its fortunes bound to the interests and intent of the United States.

This course invites you to hear Guatemalan people’s views of their country, to explore past and present US involvement, and learn from those who lived through and survived the civil war spanning four decades (1960-1996), as well as a new generation of writers and artists–all who creatively and peacefully counteract the culture of fear through art and literature.
This 4-credit course is part of the spring 2020 enrollment. It can be taken as part of, or in addition to, your usual course load, and overload fees incurred by this study abroad program will be waived.


Program cost $3,825
includes: international airfare, all meals, all lodging, all program activities and in-country transportation. There is no additional tuition fee for full-time undergrad students.

Study Abroad with a friend and get $500 off the program cost. Click below to learn more

Visit the program page for program info and to apply!

Let’s End Pink Tax

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A collective of students has come together to create a proposal with the intent to install free menstrual product dispensers on campus. We feel it is essential to have access to free menstrual products on campus, as over half of the Augsburg community experiences a menstrual cycle, and not everyone has the necessary products on hand when they need them.

We are proposing to remove the current coin-operated dispensers in all restrooms and replace them with free product dispensers. Since most people don’t carry change on them, this provides an immediate barrier to accessing ‘essential’ bodily product needs. Given that many offices supply condoms and other birth control/STI preventatives – this inadvertently upholds patriarchal means of the “pink tax.”

The dispensers and products currently in use/disuse in Augsburg restrooms raise questions of sustainability as well as safety. The companies we have researched produce biodegradable products that are made of 100% organic cotton, no synthetics, rayon, or dyes.

Because we are committed to promoting trans inclusion on campus, we will be proposing the installment of dispensers in gender-neutral restrooms as well as women’s restrooms – knowing that menstruating isn’t just a ‘woman’s issue.’

By filling out this survey below, you will be helping us determine the number of dispensers to purchase and where it is most important to install them.

EAC needs your clothing donations

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Have clothes you love but don’t wear anymore? Clean out your closet and give your clothes a second life by donating them! Environmental Action Committee is holding a campus clothing swap event this spring and is currently looking for donations. You can drop off any clothing you no longer want to the Share Shop in Science 8B during the following times:

Mondays: 10am-noon, 2-4pm
Tuesdays: 1-4pm
Wednesdays: 10am-noon
Thursdays: 10am-noon, 2-4pm

“What Would You Do With $14,000?” – ADSG Long-term Project fund available

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The Finance Committee have allocated $14,000 to be used for programs, projects, or any proposals/ideas that will impact students the most on campus.

These funds can be used by students and departments that directly work with students to benefit our Augsburg community.

Examples can range anywhere in the range of remodeling a section of a building space for ease of access for students and faculty, to wanting to add massage chairs to your favorite student space on campus. If you have a idea, a plan can be set in motion!

If you are interested the committee will require you to set up a meeting to talk more about your suggestions or send ideas by email.

For more information or to set up a meeting please email:
Daniel Degollado

Thanksgiving A’viands Service Hours

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With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, We’d like to remind you of the days A’viands will be serving on campus.

ALL locations will close on Wednesday November 27 at 1:30. We will be closed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Commons will be open for dinner on Sunday at 4:30pm. All other locations will be closed on Sunday.

Monday, we resume service at the usual hours for all locations.

Thank you, we hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Free and Open Kitchen (Open Food Lab)Hours

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At Hagfors 108 during the times mentioned below, the space is held for everyone (within and outside of Augsburg) to use as a free and open kitchen space.
Monday: 4pm-6pm
Thursday: 7pm-9pm
Friday: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Here there is a variety of ingredients, from seasoning to produce to butter, and materials, from pots & pans to spoons to stove-tops. We’ve also started holding food and cooking workshops for everyone to join us in.

Wish to be a part of our future programming? Fill out this form:
Have ideas for our Food Workshop’s? Go here:
Want to facilitate/teach a Food Workshop? Fill out this form:

Contact for questions/inquiry.

Open Food Lab Flyer

Use your Augsburg employee tuition benefit to study leadership

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Use your employee tuition benefit to study leadership here at Augsburg!

• Promote your professional development
• Increase your opportunities for career advancement
• Enhance your personal growth

You are invited to a lunch meeting (on us!) to discuss pursuing the three-course Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies (GCLS) or the Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL).

When: Tuesday December 3 @ noon

Where: Augsburg Room in Christensen Center. Just go through the cafeteria line and tell the cashier you are with the Leadership Studies program. Bring your food to the Augsburg Room.

• Already have a master’s degree? The GCLS or even a second master’s degree will add a competitive edge to your resume. Graduate credits may even be transferred in from a previous degree.
• Have some college, but have not completed a bachelor’s degree? Come anyway! If you are interested in pursuing your education in leadership studies, we can help connect you to the resources to complete your bachelor’s degree (100% free tuition for undergraduate credits) on the way to graduate study.

We can provide you with contacts to current students and alumni working at Augsburg or on other college campuses, who have gone through the program and have become more successful in their careers.

Just let us know if you are coming! Register online at the link below.

Sophomores: Phillips Scholarship Pre-Application Now Open

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The Phillips Scholars Program recognizes and rewards private college students who strive to make life better for those with unmet needs. Applicants are challenged to think creatively and become community-service leaders.

A preliminary application (linked below) is used to select two finalists from Augsburg University who will then develop a full proposal to be submitted to the Minnesota Private College Council for the scholarship. This will include a 5-7 page project proposal, official transcript, and 3 letters of recommendation. Staff members of the Sabo Center will help finalists complete their applications.

Applicants must be a sophomore during the 2019-2020 school year.

Each year, projects must fit within a theme. This year’s application theme is “Addressing the Achievement/Opportunity Gap in Minnesota.”

Scholarship recipients receive $6,000 during their junior year, a $4,000 stipend while completing a summer project, and $6,000 their senior year upon successful completion of their summer project.

Last year, 3 of the 5 Phillips Scholar recipients were Augsburg students, and many Augsburg students have received the scholarship in the past. Check out the Phillips Scholar website for more information about current and former Phillips Scholars and their projects:

Deadline for Preliminary Application: Friday, January 10, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
Augsburg finalists selected to submit full proposals will be notified by Tuesday, January 14, 2020.
Full applications will be due February 7, 2020.

Phillips Scholarship Pre-Application

Fundraiser for LGBTQIA+ Student Scholarship

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Each year, during Lavender Celebration, we honor and recognize LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff, and accomplices for their work in creating a more visible and just community for queer and trans+ folx. This year and coming years – LGBTQIA+ Student Services is looking to uplift more students by providing financial support through scholarship during the Lavender Celebration. Please help us raise funds to uplift and recognize the original work our LGBTQIA+ students are doing.

To buy a shirt(s) or donate, please follow this link

Event Announcements

Daily Chapel: Service of Blessing

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Join us at 10:40 am in Hoversten Chapel for a service of blessing honoring the ife of student Vidal Guzman and a sending blessing for Jim Trelstad-Porter. Sarah Swindall, Pastoral Intern, will offer the reflection. We will have a prelude by the a brass ensemble with musicians Sabrina Shaw, Stephanie Johnson, Trumpet; Hannah Eide, Horn; and Evan Sanden, Trombone.

More information

Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs Working Session: Managing Your Grant Budget

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The Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs is hosting an event series to support ongoing grant proposal development among faculty and staff. The next session is Thursday, December 12 (3:30 – 5pm) in Lindell 301. The topic is Managing Your Grant Budget. OGSP will cover budgeting during the grant proposal stage. Accounting will discuss managing your grant funds. An experienced grant fund manager will share pro tips.
During the second portion of the session, we will spend 30 minutes of quiet time for writing, consultations, and planning.

December 12 (Thurs., 3:30 – 5pm, Lindell 301): Managing Your Grant Budget
February 12 (Wed., 3:30 – 5pm, Lindell 301): Small Grants Across the Disciplines

Everyone is welcome to attend! Please RSVP to Please contact Lauren Causey with questions.

Batalden Book Club Series — Spring 2020

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Batalden Book Club Series – Spring 2020

Kwame Anthony Appiah, Ph.D., is coming to Augsburg University on Thursday, March 5, 2020, as the speaker for the Batalden Seminar in Applied Ethics.

In preparation for his visit, please consider joining one of the Batalden Book Club series (which includes a luncheon and book club discussion) per below. This series is open to all faculty and staff. Space is limited to twenty per group/date on a first come, first served basis.

Cosmopolitanism – Friday, January 31st, noon-2pm
The Lies that Bind: Rethinking Identity – Friday, February 28th, noon-2pm

Those attending a book club luncheon/discussion will also be invited to a discussion with the author on March 5th in the afternoon. To reserve a space, please contact Deanna Davis at In your email, please let her know which book club you would like to join. Books will be available for pick up with Deanna Davis in the Academic Affairs office.

Note: For those interested in both book clubs, please let Deanna know (and indicate your first choice) when you contact her. If space is available, you may be able to join both.

December 5: Stop by to Meet with your Deans in Hagfors

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Monica Devers, Dean of Professional Studies, and Ryan Haaland, Dean of Arts and Sciences, invite faculty, staff and students to stop by and meet with them during “office hours” scheduled for Thursday, December 5 from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm. These office hours are an opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions.

Thursday, December 5 from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm in the Hagfors Center Lobby

Auggie Doggie Monday, November 25

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It’s a short week with the Thanksgiving holiday but please stop by the CWC office and thank our friends from Paws for Learning for being such awesome friends and partners with Augsburg and CWC. They will be on campus from 10:30 – 11:30 am in the Center for Wellness and Counseling office (first floor of the Anderson Residence Hall). See you Monday morning.

TODAY–Retirement Celebration for Jim Trelstad-Porter

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Please join the campus community in congratulating Jim Trelstad-Porter on 30 years of service as he retires from Augsburg University. Students, staff, faculty, and administrators are invited to attend.

Date: Monday, November 25
Time: 2-4 pm
Location: Christensen Center, Marshall Room
Refreshments will be served.

Jim’s introduction to Augsburg came in 1988 when he participated in a CGEE semester program in Mexico. His career in global education includes holding different positions in Washington D.C.; Cuernavaca, Mexico; and Minneapolis. Jim has a deep love for Augsburg, his colleagues, and the students from over 75 countries to whom he says he owes a debt of gratitude for the shared journey of seeking a better self and world.

Jim has also helped to make a better Augsburg. He assisted in developing and maintaining some of our most vital global-exchange relationships. Our international students—both degree-seeking and exchange—have consistently felt supported by ISSS under Jim’s leadership. His involvement in intercultural development work has assisted many colleagues and students in personal and professional growth. Most important of all, Jim has treated everyone around him—faculty, students, and staff—with respect, humility, and care. Jim truly embodies Augsburg’s values.

Queering Career Business Visit

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As a continuation of or Queering Career series, LGBTQIA+ Student Services is sponsoring visits to local queer-owned businesses.

Thursday, December 5th we’re visiting Urban Growler

For each event, we will meet in the Auggies Nest at 2 pm, leave no later than 2:30 pm, and will be back on campus by 4 pm. Transportation will be provided.

For more information and to register for the business visits, please use this link

Keeping Track of Auggies

MFA Students publish in Rain Taxi

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MFA in Creative Writing students Elizabeth Fontaine, Evelyn May, and Sarah Degner Riveros have written an interview with poet Éireann Lorsung, author of MUSIC FOR LANDING PLANES BY. The interview appears in the fall online edition of RAIN TAXI. The piece resulted from an assignment in Jim Cihlar’s Poetry class.


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