Irreversible Things

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“Irreversible Things” by Lisa Von Orman Hadley, winner of the 2019 Howling Bird Press Fiction Prize, is available in the Augsburg bookstore and online through Small Press Distribution ( beginning November 12, 2019. Congratulations to students in the MFA program’s Publishing Concentration on the release of this book.

From a review by Columbia Journal: “From the time we are young, we ask questions about the stories we are told. We want to know, sometimes even demand to know: Is this a true story? What really happened? And if presented with the ambiguous “based on a true story” explanation, we might find ourselves asking: Then which parts of it were real? But are these earnest questions foundational to the way we conceptualize stories, or is this impulse a pesky side effect of the way we are taught to think and categorize narratives?”

From Forward Reviews: “Thoughtful and funny, Irreversible Things plays with the forms of short stories, novels, and memoirs, resulting in hybrid text that articulates change across a lifetime.”

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