Auggies compete in Data Analytics and Math Competitions

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The Augsburg team of Dayton Danielson, Carter Duncan, Andrew Hotchkiss, and Bjorn Melin, were among the hundreds of students from regional colleges and universities participating in the fourth annual Minnesota Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition on Saturday November 9 at Optum Health in Eden Prairie accompanied by Prof. John Zobitz. Each team worked collaboratively to predict the price of soybeans from data curated by Farm Femmes, a local non-profit focus and agricultural technology. The team presented their work several times to business and STEM professionals.

Auggies Maxwell Bannister, Alexus Emory, Kong Lee, Zishuo Li, Hendrik Louters, Devonna Singer, and Brandon Sjostrand constituted three of around 80 teams from 25 colleges and universities in the North Central Section of the Mathematical Association of America to participate in their twenty-third annual team contest, with support from Profs. Matt Haines and Pavel Bělík. Each team hunkered down in the Hagfors Center on Saturday November 16 to work collaboratively on ten challenging mathematical problems in three hours. Results will be available in a few of weeks.