73 Auggies shared their thanks with scholarship donors

submitted by youngs@augsburg.edu

Thank you to all 73 Auggies who took time out of their day to write a thank you note to donors who have given to student scholarships. It’s meaningful to express how generosity has helped you and it does make an impact when donors receive a personal, handwritten note from a student. They and their families (97 households!) who funded your scholarship awards will receive your notes this week, when many of us are thinking about gratitude and abundance already. Thanks for making this a priority in your day.

If you received an email from me about this, but did not yet get a chance to write a note, you still can. Just contact me and we can set up a time that works for you. Saying thank you is great at any time of the year!

Sherilyn Young, Donor Relations Coordinator, youngs@augsburg.edu or 612-330-1462, OGC 300D.