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Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright will give her talk, “From ‘E’ to ‘F’: Enhancing Student Thinking and Learning During Lectures” tomorrow from 3:20 pm – 3:35 pm in Hagfors 151.

Many instructors use the authoritative/interactive model of class instruction. A simple way for instructors to move toward a dialogic/interactive model is to move from using the IRE (inquiry-response-evaluation) pattern when asking students questions to the IRF (inquiry-response-feedback) pattern. An overview of the three main models of class instruction as well as examples of IRE and IRF will be presented.

This event is a part of our 2019-2020 CTL Inclusion series focused on creating, maintaining, and/or growing environments that allow students to feel more connected to and supported by Augsburg.

EDTalks take place just prior to the faculty meeting and right next door. Grab your coffee and a seat to gain knowledge and inspiration before the big meeting.

Wednesday, December 11 | EDTalk with Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright | 3:20 pm – 3:35 pm, HC 151

Center for Teaching and Learning