LGBTQIA+ Scholarship Fundraiser

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LGBTQIA+ Student Services is selling ‘Dismantle the [Cis]tem’ t-shirts to raise funds for LGBTQIA+ student scholarships. We guarantee them to be conversation starters during the holidays 🙂

Shirts are $15 each.

Funds raised will be set aside for $500 scholarships, awarded during Lavender Celebration in April. Funds made over $500 will be rolled over for Lavender Celebrations to come.

We also have a small handful of pre-selected sizes and colors for sale over the next two weeks in Christensen Center – be on the lookout to snag yours.

Donations can also be made at:
*Be sure to denote ‘other’ in the designation, and list LGBTQIA+ Student Services*

Any questions can be directed to Max at

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