Study Abroad in Cuba May 2021

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Looking for a Short-Term Study Abroad course? Always wanted to visit Cuba? Are you interested in the relationship between arts and community? Do you want to practice or learn Spanish but are not

THR 295 Topics: Community, Arts and Culture in Cuba
Led by Beliza Torres Narváez
Theater Department

Cuba is often depicted as a mythic tropical island frozen in time. However, Cuba’s culture and history have continued to evolve since the 1950’s Revolution and are ever-changing! In this intensive course, you will study and experience Cuban arts and cultural expressions. You will witness how they are kept alive and innovating in a country where the arts are not only paramount to the development of its citizens but accessible to all. Also, you will learn about the advantages and challenges of a social system that promotes and prioritizes community social networks that intend to give agency to the people in many aspects of their lives like education, health, arts and culture.

The course may fulfill an LAF requirement and/or Augsburg Experience for any students, and requirements towards a Theatre major or minor. Most presentations, workshops and lectures will be in Spanish with an English Interpreter. Discussion with faculty will be led in English.
Stay tuned to CGEE for more information soon!

For inquiries you can contact Prof Torres Narváez: