Decorate Your Own Stole With Pan-Asian Student Services

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Pan-Asian Graduates! We would like to announce that the Pan-Asian Student Services, along with the collaboration of Augsburg Asian Student Association and Hmong Women Together will be hosting “Decorate Your Own Stole” workshop times throughout the week of Wednesday, March 4, from 3:30-5:30PM and Friday, March 6, from 2-4:30PM.

We have a Cricut Machine provided for use to decorate your own stoles! Please come to
the Oyate Commons in the bottom of Christensen Lobby and join us in decorating your
Pan-Asian Golden Stoles. If you have yet to receive a Pan-Asian Gold Stole from us, this
is a great opportunity for you to pick it up! These Pan-Asian Golden Stoles are provided
to Pan-Asian identified students free of charge, AND SO ARE THESE WORKSHOPS! See
you there!